Virtual Children’s Christmas Program!!!

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Hello Parents!!!

The Christmas Season is fast approaching, and we want to make sure the holidays are as Christ-filled for you and your family as possible. One of the most difficult things about 2020 has been the inability to gather for our regular children’s ministry programs. We have missed you and you children deeply. But there is some good news. We will present a virtual Children’s Christmas Program this year and we need your help!

Virtual Children’s Christmas Program!!!

We will put together a montage of children and show it across three platforms.

  • First, we will air it on the big screen at our Outdoor Movie Night on December 4th
  • Second, we will play it on Sunday Morning at Church of December 6.
  • Finally, we will stream it on Zion’s private Face Book Group.

Above, you will find 1 of 3 scripts. We ask that you work with your child to record all the lines on a device or smart phone and send them in. directing instructions are on the script. For non-readers, you can have your child simply repeat after you. You will be edited out.

After we receive all the movies, they will be edited together in a montage that will create a uniform Christmas Play. Here are some important details:

  • Please send in your video clip(s) no later than November 29, 2020.
  • Submit the files in the Google Drive set up for the program @
  • Try to help your child to be as dramatic s possible. It might also be helpful, cute, and otherwise awesome to incorporate some costume elements, props, or creative backgrounds in your video.
  • Please participate!!! We need as many kids’ videos as possible to make this great.

We are looking forward to a blessed and wonderful and socially distanced Christmas Celebration!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Richard