Current Study: Fall 2021 thru Spring 2022:     The Gospel of John (Video Link)

Paul’s Final Letter to the Corinthian Church. in the gap between 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians, Paul’s relationship with the Church he founded has deteriorated. Marred by accusations of bad leadership and poor character, many have turned aside from Paul’s teachings. To make things worse, Paul now has competition from “apostles” who have not shared in the labors among the Corinthian Church but who seek the opportunity to reap its benefits. This letter is Paul’s last ditch effort to brig the Corinthians back under proper doctrine and discipline in the Faith. It has many lessons for us, the modern Church. Join us as we explore them together.

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Summer Study 2020     The Life of David on the Flip-side (Video Link)

Think you know David? Well, think again. The Bible is always challenging our perceptions and turning our world upside-down.  Join us for a 6-week exploration of the life of one of  Israel’s greatest heroes and the Bible’s most well-known characters. But there’s a catch. We will look at David’s life, exploits, and struggles through the eyes of the minor characters in the story. The “Man after God’s own heart” can look very different from the flip-side.

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Spring 2020 Study: 1 Corinthians: A Story of Crisis and Grace (Video Link)

Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthian Church. Explore the life of a fledgling house-church, struggling to survive in the heart of one of the most spiritually depraved cities in the Roman Empire. Together, we will see how Paul’s timeless wisdom can help us to navigate our own faith in the midst of modern problems.

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